FilKONtario - citations and reviews of FKO 23.

The Hall of Fame citations are now available on the FKO web site. Check the Inductees By Year page at http://www.filkontario.ca/hof/inductees/byyear.html
We also have a new page for photo links and reviews of the convention. Please let me know  if there is something you'd like added! Check here: http://www.filkontario.ca/html/review23.html
It was a wonderful convention (just read the reviews!), thanks to all the wonderful people in our filk family! I hope to see you all again soon!

I wonder

Sheridan Nurseries just sent me an offer for Christmas stuff, including "Everlasting Picks", which made me wonder, since they more ofter get lost rather than wear out, if they tied them to your guitar, or what?

House Concert with Eileen McGann!

We just came home from a really wonderful house concert with Eileen McGann. Wow!
She has a remarkable voice, and sings beautiful, positive, loving songs. Most of the songs she sang tonight had a chorus, and she encouraged the audience to sing along with her, which we did! Her anecdotes wrapped context and brought depth to her songs, and I was delighted and occasionally moved to tears.  And she sang Medusa for us, which really made my day as Tom and I plan to cover it on our first Stone Dragons CD because we love it so!
Eileen has been nominated as Traditional Singer of the Year for the 2011 Canadian Folk Music Awards, and it's easy to see why.
We picked up a copy of her new songbook, her newest CD, and a couple of cards featuring her art (which also appears throughout the songbook.
 Eileen McGann Songbook
I think heaven is a place where you can wander from room to room in a house full of wonderful musicians, and you can sit beside them and make music with them. Or just sit on the back porch, watch the trees, and listen to the beautiful music.

House Filk Happy!

Big thanks to everyone who came tonight and shared wonderful music. The house was royally sung in to the local record books with a smashing number of filters old and new. I wanted to be in two places at once, since we had two Filk circles - one upstairs and one down - with very little sound bleed. So I missed hearing Peggi sing, but I got to hear Errol doing his geek love song. And I missed most of Dave and Rick doing their beloved oldies, but I got to sing Vegematic with Rick when the ebb and flow brought him into the upstairs circle. There was delicious food, warm hugs, beautiful music, and we're not likely to see another Filk like this one for some time, as we had Morva and Alan and Dave Clement all here from Winnipeg. Sometimes the fates conspire to bring us joy and delight (somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.) so thank you to all who came, and we hope you all had as much pleasure!

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You all know that Toyboat is coming to Toronto next month as Filk GoH for SFContario (Nov. 18 - 20). Well, now I know that their concert will be Saturday night at 7:30.  And there will be an Aurora Award Nominee concert at 6:00 featuring Dandelion Wine, Karen Linsley, and Phil Mills. You can check out the program grid at http://2011.sfcontario.ca/site/index.php/convention/program/panels - click on the link to the grid.
Hmm. I suppose I might mention there will be lots of panels and parties and open filking and cool guests. But go check out the web site and see for yourself!
Wonder if they plan to do Little Fuzzy Animals???
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Tom has spent the better part of a week assembling this huge desk that I'm now working at. Ye Haw! 

When I ordered it I was not aware that it came flat-packed, nor that it would take the strength of many, nor that it would cause blisters from all the millions of little screws that attach little bits to other little bits. And of course you are forbidden to use a drill. Tom is a champion!  He deserves a medal.  He is my hero!

This is so cool!  I have my own room and a desk big enough to do whatever (like maybe a few of the websites I've been too busy or too cramped to worry about. Or maybe like some of those online courses.) There's room for books and binders and files and paper and "stuff".  Everything is neat and organized (or will be until I start unpacking all my junk from the condo.)

Eventually this room will have patio doors to go out to the back yard, or let the dog out to chase squirrels. Then it will be near perfect! 
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I just talke to Sally on the phone from the hospital - she must be improving because she wants her personal game system! She seems chipper and is asking for her cell phone and cane. I don't know how soon she'll be on her feet, but she'll be in the hospital for almost a week. That's a very long time these days. 
Her mother will be here from England before Sally gets out of the hospital, so she will have someone around to look after her. We've all been so worried, and everyone has some other major stress going on in our lives as well, so it's been a busy time. It looks like the worst has passed, and Sally is getting better, Judith has a new granddaughter, Tom and I have a new house, Jane has written two chapters for a new book, and life is good. 
Happy Canada Day! Go celebrate the good things life has to offer!
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